New Album, New Music, New Band

It has been awhile since my last bloggity and I felt it was far overdue so here it goes. Where have I been you ask? Why haven't I been blogging with the enthusiasm and energy of when I first started this project? No? You're not asking, you don't care? Well I'm gonna tell you any … Continue reading New Album, New Music, New Band

Tips for Setting and Accomplishing Life Goals

People sometimes ask me how I manage to get so much done and always appear to be doing lots of fun things at the same time. Put simply, if it wasn't for all my planning and organizing, my level of accomplishments and fun times would be severely diminished. I like to take risks in life and have … Continue reading Tips for Setting and Accomplishing Life Goals

Gaming: My Love Hate Relationship

No this isn't a post about playing the relationship game and picking up women, this is about video games! I still remember the first time I played video games like it was yesterday. I was 4 years old, my dad went to the Video Store and rented the Nintendo Entertainment System along with Super Mario … Continue reading Gaming: My Love Hate Relationship

Content in the Digital Age: Music

Oh music. The first industry in my eyes that had to deal with the massive digital shift, which occurred with a compressed file size that was manageable and share-able on the internet in the late 90's among people with dial-up 5.6kb internet connections. Music has been discussed to death with the file-sharing issues the industry … Continue reading Content in the Digital Age: Music

Being an Edmontonian

I moved to Edmonton from Vancouver Island on August 16th 2002. I was just a few months out of high school and I was ready to leave home and take on the world. My older brother was living here in E-Town at the time and we wanted to work on a music project together. With … Continue reading Being an Edmontonian