My Top 25 Songs of 2011

Okay, so here are my favorite songs from the past year. Some of them didn’t come out in 2011 but these are the songs that I have listened more than any other and are my personal favorites from the last 12 months of life. As a precursor, if you don’t like hard rock or glitchy electronic, you’re probably not going to like this list. 😉 Without further ado:

1. All is Numb – 32 Leaves
2. Cold (But I’m Still Here) – Evans Blue
3. Stronger – TRUSTcompany
4. Poem – Taproot
5. You’re Going Down – Sick Puppies
6. I Will Not Bow – Breaking Benjamin
7. Drive it Like You Stole it – The Glitch Mob
8. The Wicked Side of Me – Cold Driven
9. Wasteland – Trapt
10. Shadow – Nonpoint
11. Android Porn – Kraddy
12. Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites – Skrillex
13. Get Through This – Art of Dying
14. Boars – Element Eighty
15. The Kingdom – Portal
16. Don’t Ever Leave – Smile Empty Soul
17. Turn the Tables – Flaw
18. Licking Cream – Sevendust
19. Crawl out in the Cold – Moving Atlas
20. The Bottom – Staind
21. White Rabbit – Egypt Central
22. We Can Make the World Stop – The Glitch Mob
23. Ghosts N Stuff – Deadmau5
24. Basshead – Bass Nectar
25. Narcissistic Cannibal – Korn (ft. Skrillex and Kill The Noise)

Yah, there’s definitely some songs that I missed but that about sums it up! What were your favorite songs or albums from the last year?


– Shane Lamotte

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