Good Calories, Bad Calories


Good Calories, Bad Calories
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Prepare to have everything you’ve ever known about nutrition science turned on it’s head. This is the most dense, in-depth analysis of nutrition science ever compiled. Covering the complete history of nutrition science, nutrients effects on the body and a paradigm shift regarding our current understanding of nutrition.

This book has literally changed my life, and if I we’re being completely honest, I would say saved my life. Since a child, I was raised to believe that a highcarb, low fat diet was the foundation for health, well being & longevity. Unbeknownst to me, the science that was used to determine this recommendation was pathetically sparse and in some cases, completely unfounded.

Gary Taubes is what I would call a researchers, researcher. An award winning journalist and science writer, he uncovers the truth regarding nutrition science with over 200 pages of bibliography to back it up. There has been a systemic failure within the nutrition community and this book puts it all on display.

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