It’s Time to Start a Blog!

I am far too addicted to social media and sharing things on the internet to not have a blog of my own so I have fixed this issue and started one. After sharing numerous things on my bands website that were not related to my band what so ever, I figured it would be a good time to start my own blog to share things with the world. Trying to step things up a notch and organize my ramblings!

So what do I plan to post here? It’s going to be a conglomeration of various nerdy, fun and media related things. My plan is to try and post my thoughts on various stuff everyday of the week, a daily blog if you will. The goal is to use this as a platform to share stuff that isn’t so focused on Facebook and Twitter, although I’m sure I’ll keep posting stuff there as well.

Feel free to comment, be part of the discussion and join in! I like to think of the internet as a place for every one to get together and do a little more than sit around pirating and bitching about movies… we can also complain about politics, music and video games as well 😉 But in all honesty, I want to share things that inspire people and promote healthy discussions about technology, health, travelling, music, and pop culture.

One blog post a day, for the rest of my life… LET’S DO THIS!

– Shane Lamotte

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