North Country Fair & The Green Meeting Team

Last weekend I had the privilege of attending and volunteering as part of the Green Team at the renowned Northern Alberta festival North Country Fair. For those that don’t know, North Country Fair takes place every year in the naturally gorgeous Driftple Valley about 45 minutes north of Slave Lake on the weekend following the … Continue reading North Country Fair & The Green Meeting Team

New Album, New Music, New Band

It has been awhile since my last bloggity and I felt it was far overdue so here it goes. Where have I been you ask? Why haven't I been blogging with the enthusiasm and energy of when I first started this project? No? You're not asking, you don't care? Well I'm gonna tell you any … Continue reading New Album, New Music, New Band

Being an Edmontonian

I moved to Edmonton from Vancouver Island on August 16th 2002. I was just a few months out of high school and I was ready to leave home and take on the world. My older brother was living here in E-Town at the time and we wanted to work on a music project together. With … Continue reading Being an Edmontonian