Sayulita, Mexico


Welcome to Sayulita. A small surf town in Mexico with what I can only tell is more Canadians than Mexicans. Besides the far superior weather, I think I know why they’re all here; this quaint little place is crawling with Mexican gems and it’s freaking awesome! From great surfing to Choco Banana and Johnny’s bar on Gringo hill, this town is full of tasty treats, great drinks an wicked waves.

Having not travelled to many places in Mexico or anywhere in Latin America really, it’s difficult to make a proper comparison of what this place is like. I will admit originally though I wanted to stay at a resort, but after coming to Sayulita, if I ever come to Mexico again, it won’t be to an all inclusive that’s for sure!

I think this town is a great place for getting your feet wet before you plan on diving in and traveling the world. Great training ground before making a trip to Viet Nam, Laos or Peru. The vibe here is great and the people are all friendly. There are lots of vendors on the beach, but none that can’t be haggled with or that will be obtrusive to the point of frustration.

Lastly the surfing. I haven’t done much of it in general, but here in Sayulita the waves are consistent and small enough for a beginner while being big enough for seasoned veterans. I even managed to get up on the board lots. Don’t forget to pick up a rashy or wear a tshirt while you surf because you’re guaranteed to get a board rash. Ow. Trust me. It no feel good.

The best part for me on this trip is that not only is my lovely lady friend that I rarely get to see here, but also another 6 amazing friends from Canada who all came down to have this shared adventure together. I don’t get out of Canada very often but when I do I’m glad it’s with great people. So much of the fun comes from the people you share experiences with and I’m super happy to be surrounded by the enthusiastic fun friends here with me.

Signing off from Sayulita.

Much Love,

Shane Lamote

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