New Album, New Music, New Band

It has been awhile since my last bloggity and I felt it was far overdue so here it goes. Where have I been you ask? Why haven’t I been blogging with the enthusiasm and energy of when I first started this project? No? You’re not asking, you don’t care? Well I’m gonna tell you any way! ūüėČ Let’s just say that¬†2012 is the year of productivity and insanity!

Most recently I have been in the recording studio 2 – 3 times a week working on the 3rd Living Illusion album with our producer¬†extraordinaire¬†Brad Simons (Member of Tupelo Honey plus a ton of other projects). We currently have recorded the framework/high end pre-production for 7 of the 10 songs on the new album and should be finished writing the last 3 in the next couple weeks. After that we will start on refining the vocals and lyrics, all while being in the trenches of the¬†re-tracking¬†process of various instrumentation. This album is going to be quite different from our last, it’s a lot more modern and accessible to listeners but still heavy and rocking! I’m going to be singing lead vocals on the majority of the record instead of Jason, which is quite a change for me having been the guitarist mainly for the last 2 records, but I say bring it on!

Next up is my band Pistols at 20 Paces (formerly¬†Long Way Down). We have been rehearsing like mad men these last few months in¬†preparation for our show that is coming up on June 16th at The Pawn Shop in Edmonton opening for SHELBI for their CD Release Party. We also plan to release the single “Burn” from our upcoming album at the show. The production that we’re doing for the event is going to be pretty amazing compared to most small venue shows. From the in ear monitors that we all have to ensure we sound incredible for everyone, to the extra lights and effects were planning to bring out, this show is¬†guaranteed¬†to be more than just some band playing a gig, it’s going to be live entertainment¬†at it’s finest. If you’re in Edmonton you should definitely join us! Get tickets here. FB Event Page here.

The last thing is the Buck NKD project that has been in the works for the last couple years. It started as just a bunch of friends drinking at the recording studio writing electro-pop dance music and slowly realizing that none of us had the desire to write sappy pop lyrics… so we started writing humorous satirical lyrics, and we hit the sweet spot. After showing some industry professionals what we were doing, the project started snowballing. This past weekend of mine was spent filming a high end music video for the project to be released with our first single this summer. It was amazing. We rented the Myer Horowitz Theatre, had a crew of 15 people¬†equipped with a Red Camera, choreographed dancers and multiple confetti cannons. It was incredible working with so many great video professionals. The final video is going to be SICK!!!

So there ya go, that is why my blogging has been lacking…

And until next time I remain, busy as all hell!


– Shane Lamotte

PS I submitted an application for an audition to be on the Reality TV Show being produced in Edmonton called Northsiders… we’ll see how that goes.


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